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Oceanic Grotesk, a quick story


Oceanic Grotesk is part of the bigger Oceanic family.


The idea of Oceanic Grotesk was to create a working sans serif companion to Oceanic and Oceanic Text serif families, create matching personalities, rather than trying to replicate the design of individual letters. Oceanic serif is an interpretation of the 18 and 19th century fat faces, with upright contrast like Bodoni, Canon or Scotch Romans and Oceanic Grotesk is an exploration of a modernist approach to typgraphy and graphic design of the mid 20th century. Guided by neutrality and simplicity as core values, Oceanic Grotesk is a trustworthy and versatile workhorse type family. 


Oceanic Grotesk is a family of 6 weights: from Light to Poster, as well as matching italics. The family is available as a variable font. Oceanic Grotesk is an ideal match to Oceanic Text serif family, as it is set to the same vertical metrics and can easily be used together in strings of text or titles.

Scripts: Extended Latin, Cyrillic

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